Scale and Robots

My sense of scale has been destroyed in recent years and I hold my nerdiness culprit. Studying Physics and having a social life primarily online will do that to people. There is just no way you can be indoors most of the time, reading mainly about subatomic particles or vast stars and hold normal ideas of how big things are. I now find it impossible to either think of a comparison for the size of something, or judge distances at all. What I’m saying is, never bring me along for rough calculations of how much wallpaper or tiles you need for something. If you have measurements then fine, I’ll calculate it, but otherwise I am useless.

I could just blame physics for this, but a lot of the blame should rest squarely on a game called Supreme Commander.

Supreme Commander redefines what you consider big. Take a look at this screenshot for instance:

Supreme Commander land scout

That is one of the robots in Supreme Commander. A ‘UEF T1 land scout” for those that care. I would call this the day-to-day scale. Its quite big relative to a tall tree, most people grasp how big that unit is. Now let me tell you that that is one of the smallest units in the game. The next image is the scale Supreme Commander actually works on.

Huge Freaking Robots.
Click through for the full image.

Now you see why I have trouble with scale.


Tell me what you think for a change, see if I care. ( I do, please tell me what you think, I need to know!! :P)

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