I seem to be an incredibly uninteresting man

I seem to study physics, play games, and read what other, far more interesting, people say on twitter. That and sleep sums up my life at the moment. And it has started to bother me that my interests are predictably dull. At the end of last year I had to write a mock CV, and nothing makes you realise how unskilled and uninteresting you are like trying desperately to find something that will pad out a CV to a page. I’ve shied away from doing anything out of a fear of failure, instilled into me from my primary school years, and now I’m regretting that. Not least because it means I have zero conversation options. I can merely listen to what other people do and make the occasional weak joke, which is rather limiting.

So basically, I’m looking for something to do so that I have something to talk about. Any ideas?

I would like to know how people motivate themselves to do those things, and how they get over the fear of not being good enough, or not enjoying it. Because the general advice is usually “Just give it a go, What’s the worst that could happen?” Those are the words of someone with no sense that time is limited, and/or a very poor imagination. I can probably think of at least 10 ways baking a cake can go horribly wrong, so uttering those words after a suggestion usually results in a far away gaze as I try to decide which of the many ways it could go wrong is the worst. This is usually followed by a look of fear, sometimes accompanied with a scream.

I’m not going to get many suggestions am I?



3 thoughts on “I seem to be an incredibly uninteresting man

  1. Leila

    Believe me, you are not alone on this one! I work, I study (MaST course), I cycle, and that’s about it. I have nothing to talk about except work, work-related politics (Gove and his evil plans for education) and my course-related obsession with mathematics and pedagogy. It doesn’t make for scintillating party chitchat. Thank Geek for twitter!

  2. Alice

    Well, I wouldn’t follow your tweets or your blogpost if I thought you uninteresting . . .

    One of the best things about science – citizen science like Galaxy Zoo anyway – is the very important tenet: “It doesn’t matter if you get it wrong. Later experimentors will be able to improve it.” And that imperfection is human. I find pretending I’m someone else, pretending other people are me, helps – watch them and how many mistakes they make. And watch yourself when others make a mistake – notice how quick you are to forgive them.

    Just in case you find this interesting, I think this is the closest I can come to an answer to you http://aliceingalaxyland.blogspot.com/2010/05/story-of-setting-things-up.html

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