The Delivery

So today, I went downstairs to see this:

Which contained this:

I’m trying to rekindle a love of reading, it hasn’t really deteriorated I just haven’t done it as much as I want to, and it has been a while since I just sat down and read a good book.  So I’ve splurged a bit of my student loan I had saved, because alcohol tastes horrid, on books. I bought a lot of Feynman, as you can see, because frankly it was getting embarrassing that I was studying physics and didn’t have tonnes of it. The Top right and left are two text books for next year, they felt useful having around, the rest of next years text books are mostly covered by what I already have from the last time I went mad and bought loads of books.

I also have Paradox by Jim Al-Khalili and Quirkology by Richard Wiseman on the left. A friend suggested… well demanded, that I get The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. It seems to be a source of shame that I haven’t read it. The other two were suggestions from the lovely Alice Sheppard. The magic furnace is something I hope fleshes out my pretty poor knowledge of science history, whilst “What Einstein told his cook.” is a wonderfully futile attempt by me to try to improve my cooking. I’m hoping that understanding a little of how it works might help me cook. And if not, it looks to be an interesting read all the same.

That just about rounds it up. What I start with though… I have no idea, there are still unread books lingering on my shelf. But, I’m not doing anything else during these weeks without lectures, so I should have plenty of time, I just wonder if I can tear myself away from the internet and distractions long enough to sit down and have a good read.

I just hope the Feynman lectures don’t break my shelf.